About Us

Mind Vox was created by Claire Jacobs and Kathryn Matlock.


Claire is a qualified social worker, freelance journalist, blogger and sub-editor based in Sussex and Suffolk.

She is a single parent to her gorgeous 9-year-old son. They live together with their crazy Chorkie dog Yogi in Brighton, but Claire’s in a long distance relationship so also has two stepsons, aged 13 and 11, who she visits regularly in Suffolk.

As a teenager Claire spent her spare time working and volunteering as a youth consultant for local councils, charities and organisations to advocate for the needs of young people/mental health/sexual health and more.

It is through these roles that she developed a passion for helping to empower people, especially those who, for whatever reason, find advocating for themselves a challenge.


Kathryn is a former specialist safeguarding police officer turned marketing strategist and copywriter.

Wife to Jamie and mum to 3 beautiful girls aged 11, 9 and 2, she lives on the Hampshire coast with their Jacairn terrier Rafferty and cat Cookie.

Kathryn’s eldest daughter is autistic and has ADHD and anxiety, so Kathryn is committed to raising awareness of SEN issues. Having herself suffered with OCD and anxiety for as long as she can remember, and having more recently been diagnosed with PTSD, Kathryn is dedicated to breaking the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

She is also passionate about supporting survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, having both professional and personal experience of this.

Our Vision

As a result of their backgrounds and experiences, mental health awareness and maintenance is something that both Claire and Kathryn advocate for hugely across their social media.

It is this that brought them together online, and it is from their shared mission to create an open dialogue around mental health that Mental Health MumDay was born; an Instagram page dedicated to supporting mums with the challenges that come from parenting with a mental health condition.

Inspired by the success of Mental Health MumDay but aware that mental health battles aren’t the exclusive preserve of mums, Claire and Kathryn decided to expand on this success to create Mind Vox Pod: a fully inclusive, no holds-barred discussion of all things mental health, which is open to all.